A Classic like you’ve never heard it before…

You are listening to Beat DeVille’s cover version of Pinball Number Count – an iconic piece of music that, as many of you growing up in the ’70s and ’80s will remember, first played on Sesame Street in 1977, synced to a one-minute animated film sequence within a pinball machine.

The original soundtrack, composed by Walt Kraemer and featuring vocals by The Pointer Sisters, is a jazz/funk arrangement involving many complex time signatures, including 7/8, 11/8 and 3/8. Despite its enduring popularity, however, it was never produced successfully in a song format.

My idea, therefore, was to transform this much-loved piece of music into a contemporary soundtrack by taking the original sample and rearranging it in a ‘radio friendly’ way.

This involved changing the time signature of the original hooks to 4/4, so that the music plays as a groove. New chord progressions and instrumentation (of a similar vintage to the original track) were then added to consolidate these hooks and give the piece a flow. Finally, this additional instrumentation was remixed as a separate track, ‘Happy Galaxies’ (a funk soundscape) which you can also hear on this site.

Both tracks were mixed by Haydn Bendall and mastered by Matt Colton.

About Beat DeVille

Beat DeVille is the sound of Pete Newton, a London-based composer and producer who has spent most of his career writing commercial soundtracks.

Originally from Manchester, Pete has a passion for classic disco music (in the Nile Rodgers vein) and is currently working on an album inspired by this era, under the name Beat DeVille.

Watch this space for future releases and feel free to get involved via Beat DeVille’s Facebook page if you’d like to comment or share.

Thanks for listening.



Beat DeVille